Hello! I'm lumi! I'm better known elsewhere as wistlyr. I assemble various projects in my spare time for fun! I mostly do communities, but sometimes I'll make something completely new. I've put all of my projects under this label, Jar of Phosphor, to better organize everything! Most of my personal projects are made alongside my boyfriend, Noah.

I technically started in 2016 when I created the OneShot Discord, but didn't truly get into making projects until 2018, when neon midori was first started. Please, check out the projects page! I've made some neat things!


Here's a list of everything I've worked on, either as wistlyr or Jar of Phosphor!

  • The OneShot Discord: A partnered Discord server community centered around the 2016 steam game OneShot.
  • neon midori: a collection of servers, primarily for TF2, designed for the player first.
  • Serververse: A "webnovel" series distributed in parts, when The Matrix met Homestuck.


If you need to get a hold of me, such as to take down something on my file server, or for any other purpose, please use one of the links below. Discord is the preferred option and will net you a response as soon as possible. Otherwise, just shoot me an email. Links are organized left to right in terms of how quickly you'll get a response.

Contact: Discord

To get a hold of me on Discord, please add wistlyr#6900 as a friend, or join the neon midori discord server and DM me from there. It's easier to pick the latter, as I'll know what you're DMing me about.